Select the Type of Group Space You Need

Group Room Booking Requests

To Make a Reservation:

  • Click a room group from the list on the left.
  • Choose the date you would like to reserve - reservation can be made up to 2 weeks in advance,
  • Click on an available block to pick the start time of your reservation - a block is 60 minutes*.
    • Read room use terms and click the Continue button. NOTE: Group work spaces are for academic purposes.
    • If you need more than one block of time, you can click several boxes per reservation, up to a 3 hour maximum per group per day.
  • Complete the required information - name, HCC email, group name, full names of other group members.
  • NOTE! You MUST be a current HCC student and use your HCC email address to submit your reservation - you must click the link in your confirmation email within 2 hours of submitting a request or your reservation will be canceled. Your HCC email address is your First Name(dot)Last (e.g.


  • Email (or tell) the members of the group about the reservation! They need to know the group name, room number, date, time...that way everyone will know when & where to show up!

About Group Work Spaces:

For information regarding the use of group work spaces, please read.